End Stop

Best Energy Dampening, Flawless Performance!

Imagine a world where no machine ever goes BANG. Finally, it is possible!

With the End-Stop from Gaudet Compensating Dampers, noisy operation, abrupt action and shortened machine life due to hard blows is eliminated. The development of our Patent Pending technology employs a revolutionary new concept in energy dissipation which provides zero backlash operation, instantaneous dampening in a highly adaptable, compact and seal-free enclosure.

We achieve this performance using the concept of molecular shear instead of employing a hydrostatic chamber and restricting orifice to provide resistance through turbulent flow. The physics phenomenon we employ provides for a new and groundbreaking advancement in force dampening technology. The difference in operation is nothing less than spectacular. The Gaudet Compensating Damper is truly self-compensating, with a load reaction force curve which limits entry spikes and plateaus naturally, especially with wide mass and velocity input variations. The GCD End-Stop features a soft entry and a step-less exponentially progressive resistance which is ideally suited in the deceleration of loads. In operation, the resistance force set up by the GCD End-Stop is matched automatically to the inverse velocity dependent energy content of the load. This means that the peak force and deceleration distance offered by the GCD End-Stop will be consistently and substantially less than with any other damper available today. Not only will GCD End-Stops consistently outperform piston-and-orifice type dampers, they will do so with a lot less effort. The challenge in selecting externally adjustable piston-and-orifice dampers, apart from the obvious need of adjusting them, is the careful matching required in the sizing to achieve the proper deceleration curve. If the entry is too soft, the deceleration distance is too long and machine time is lost. If the entry is too hard, the peak force is too high and rough operation or machine damage can occur. With the GCD End-Stops, sizing is simple. The extra wide performance range and infinitely step-less self-compensating feature of each one of our units makes sizing effortless, and the need for adjusting a thing of the past.

Here is what you don’t get with the GCD End-Stop Damper: No slip-strike seal noise, no seal drag, no hydrostatic dead band as the seals load up, or check valve flutter as the unit decides if it’s going to dampen. There is no rod seal or piston seal to wear out or leak. There are no check valves to adjust or plug up. There is no heavy or structurally imposing casing to limit design configuration.

What you do get with GCD End-Stops is hassle free selection, compact installation and the quietest, best performance possible from your machine and our dampers.

The GCD End-Stops have unparalleled long service life using top quality materials and manufacturing procedures, and best of all, simply the best load decelerating technology available anywhere. We are proud of the fact that our units are 100% made in Canada to the most exacting standards, using the latest in production machinery.

Watch it in action!