An innovative damper incorporating revolutionary self-compensating features.

  • Self-compensating for force and velocity, the force/time graphs of deceleration-type loads are flat.
  • Self-compensating feature dampens all frequencies in one unit.
  • Excels at mitigating short duration high intensity force events.
  • High energy conversion rate from motion to heat.
  • Compact mechanical envelopes.
  • Balanced forces provide low internal force-per-unit-area loading.
  • No seal drag, fluid turbulence or slip-strike motion provides force-measurement values free from noise contamination.
  • No hydrostatic chamber required or seals to wear.
  • Zero backlash offers instantaneous dampening.
  • Watch it in action!

Gaudet Dampers do all the work

No adjustment required

Drop test illustrating the superior adjustment-free shock absorbing characteristics of our patent pending technology. These tests were made using the standard 10lb impactor test dropped from the height of 3, 6, 9 and 12 inches respectively.

  • Notice any saturation or bottoming out force spikes? No!
  • Notice any hard entries due to improperly adjusted "adjustable" dampers? No!
  • Notice the frustration of the user losing ridiculously small adjusting wrenches? No!
  • Notice any oscillations or noise contamination in your measurements? No!
  • The unequalled energy conversion efficiency of Gaudet Compensating Dampers means longer machine life, smoother operation, lower operating costs, lower installation costs, and no adjustments!

GCD Smoothness and Dampening Effect Graph

Smooth Dampening Effect

  • Take note of the slip-strike motion induced in the reaction force of the piston unit by the seals loading up and releasing.
  • Note also the sharpness of the entry spike, and the flutter of the check valve as it oscillates at the force peak.
  • Notice the crisp, concise dampening of the Gaudet Compensating Damper.
  • Gaudet Compensating Dampers patent pending technology has the highest rate of energy conversion of any damper. Therefore, you can expect unsurpassed performance!

GCD Superior Settling Time Graph

Demonstration of
Superior Settling Time

Although the reflected working forces are the same for either damper, the Superior Patent Pending Technology of the Gaudet Compensating Damper shows a 64% decrease in the echo of unresolved forces. This can be seen by the force spike of the piston and orifice dampers at 80 milliseconds.

  • As can be seen at 60 milliseconds, the intensity of the reflected energy is greatly reduced because the energy is converted more effectively.
  • Since there is no backlash, motion is instantaneously converted to heat.
  • This graph illustrates both superior energy conversion coupled with instantaneous dampening effects, which means our dampers have the best settling time of any damper.
  • Gaudet Compensating Dampers have the highest known rate of energy conversion of any damper on the market.

GCD Saturation Condition Graph

The Saturation Condition

A comparison of Gaudet Compensating Dampers, with an Externally Adjustable Piston and Orifice Damper, showing the effects of a mis-adjusted damper.

In saturation, the adjustable damper is set too soft, and the unit bottoms out before all the energy is dissipated. Notice the first decline followed by a sharp spike at 20 milliseconds? That's the piston unit bottoming out. Since there is un-absorbed energy left over, the unit bounces again at 145 milliseconds.

The operating envelope of Gaudet Compensating Dampers is much broader than a piston damper, making the risk of under or over specifying a damper a thing of the past! Not only is the energy of the event more tightly controlled by our Gaudet Compensating Patent Pending Dampers, but our dampers never need adjustment: ever!

Adjustment keys are available, but we guarantee you won't need it!